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2903 Salzedo Street  Coral Gables, Florida 33134
Office:305-371-FUEL (3835)   Fax:305-856-FUEL (3835)

Ultra Low Sulfur Dyed Diesel - Off Road
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel - On Road
Marine Grade Recreational 90 Gasoline Ethanol Free
Regular Unleaded 87 Octane Gasoline
Marine Vessels
All tanker trucks are equiped with Velcon Aquacon Fuel Filters. This aviation style filtration system chemically locks out emulsified water to below 50 parts per million and paticulate matter to 25 microns.

The Aquacon fuel filtration system insures only clean and dry fuels are provided to our customers.

All Diesel is pre-treated with Power Service Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost.
- Boosts Cetane up to four (4) numbers
- Reduces visible exhaust up to fifty (50) percent
- Cleans dirty injectors
- Stabilizes fuel and prevents micro bacterial growth
Supreme Unleaded 93 Octane Gasoline
Exxon Mobile Lubricants
Fuel Tanks and Pumps
Fuel Treatments
Micro Biocides